Once upon a time there was a bule (the Indonesian word for foreigner) who was a good man but so shy he couldn’t speak to beautiful women.

God took pity on the bule, and gave him the power and confidence to speak one word every year to a beautiful woman.

God also allowed the bule to use the word he didn’t speak in one year in a following year.

One day the bule met a young Javanese woman who was kind, clever and very beautiful, and despite her struggle with English the bule soon fell in love with her. The bule decided to wait two years so he could say to her “My princess”.

After two years the bule decided he also wanted to tell her “I love you”, so he waited three more years for a total of five years for his five words.

But after five years the bule had grown to love the Javanese woman so much he wanted to marry her, so he waited another four years so he could ask her the question.

And so, after nine years of silence with his love, the bule was very happy his time had come. Waiting for her with a golden ojek (a covered motorbike taxi) he knelt down in front of her and said “My princess, I love you. Will you marry me?”

And the beautiful Javanese woman replied “Huh? Again please?” 🙂

Note – I make no claim to this being my own original work, although, like the Sundanese Princess, I have adapted it considerably from the version I heard.