angkor-thom-1349581_1920Over the past few days I’ve had a several possible topics I’ve wanted to blog about but life keeps intruding.

I do however want to quickly draw your attention to Cambodia and what is, for the admittedly small group of Southeast Asian history enthusiasts, very exciting news. Over the last couple of years the discoveries around and underneath the famous temple complex of Angkor Wat have increasingly confirmed and elaborated on what must surely be an archaeologist’s most exciting dream, the discovery of the vast ancient city of Phnom Kulen. Rather than explaining these developments further at this point I will link you to some descriptions on how it is being achieved and what this technology had increasingly revealed.

I speak in the past tense because the limits of what was known even months ago is rapidly being overtaken by even more astonishing discoveries. These latest findings were revealed to the world online on Monday and they are no small and incremental advances in the body of knowledge. The world’s leading intellects on Cambodia, archaeology and Southeast Asian archaeology, men and women rarely given to language beyond cautious adjectives, are (comparatively speaking) emotionally overwhelmed in reaching for superlatives at the significance of these discoveries.

As further details emerge of what was possibly the largest and greatest city in Southeast Asian history I hope to say more about these discoveries, but for now I will give you a single word summary.