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the-ball-488709_1920(Note the first Southeast Asian football post here)

I want to share a tip with you because I trust you.

Just telling you that I heard from a friend in Singapore…who knows a tuk tuk driver in Bangkok…whose nephew now works in Phnom Penh…whose cousin works as a baggage handler in KL…whose classmate drives a jeepney in Manila…whose uncle drives an ojek in Jakarta…who knows a waiter in Vientiane whose cousin working in Bandar Seri Begawan has a brother in Naypyidaw who knows the sister of the driver of a big gambling boss in Hanoi who told his driver which team will win the 2016 European Football Championships. For just US$1,000 I can tell you which team it is. Ok?

What, you thought this post would explain football in Southeast Asia? It does!