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books-691980_1280(Warning – slightly wonky post follows)

In some of my initial posts on this blog I mentioned my interest in the deep South of Thailand.

This interest was expressed in posting the occasional graph on the conflict plaguing that region, but I still haven’t got to exploring the conflict and region in any great depth. The day will come!

In the interim, I wanted to share with you some of the resources I’ve drew on in writing about the region’s history, character, culture and politics, and their contribution to the nature and trajectory of the conflict’s resurgence in 2004. The list certainly isn’t an exhaustive compendium of all the available resources, and I doubt such a collection could be compiled anyway.

What the list offers, I hope, is a starting point for scholars seeking a depth, breadth and (in most entries) a level of integrity beyond that offered by Wikipedia.

The observant reader will note that the most recent entries conclude around five years ago, when my research interests shifted. For those seeking more recent work I cannot recommend highly enough the writings of Joseph Chinyong Liow and Duncan McCargo, but again that is not proposed as an exhaustive list of relevant expertise. If anyone would further guidance on recommended reading please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Apologies in advance if some of the links are no longer functional.


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