I’m rarely a great fan of external intervention into national affairs. At best it does little good and is often counterproductive, while at worst….well, the horrors now unfolding in the Middle East flowing from earlier Western intervention give you some idea.

Consistent with this belief I cannot congratulate more the work of my fellow Australian, outlined here, in collecting statistics on Indonesia’s appalling terrible tragic, sorry, there is no word for it in English, levels of domestic violence.

Kate Walton has done the very best she, or anyone including the researchers at Statistics Indonesia here, can do with woefully inadequate data in ensuring the outline of a horrendous picture emerges from the shadows. Now it is in the hands of both ordinary Indonesians to push their leaders to action and Indonesia’s leaders to address this issue.

Some reports suggested the crowd size protesting in Jakarta last week, see the post here, may have exceeded 150,000. If Indonesians can be that motivated to protest over offensive words then I challenge the nation to double or even triple that crowd number in standing against offensive and abusive actions against some of the loveliest people on the planet.