… then this is your week with a Guardian Cities week-long special series of reports, photojournalism, films and events from Jakarta. You can follow and interactively engage with the story here, and if Indonesian is your preferred language there is something of an explanation (Baca artikel ini dalam bahasa Indonesia di sini) here.

To give you a very optimistic view of Indonesia and its trajectory an associated article is here, with the comments below the story providing an alternative interpretation of life in contemporary Indonesia. There is also a great series of pictures capturing street life here, which contrasts effectively with a story of life in the malls here. This contrast continues in photos capturing the the sense of chaos v calm here and love v hate for the city here.

Perhaps the most serious story in the series is here. The ten second summary, as it is a long and slightly meandering piece, is that North Jakarta is rapidly sinking into the sea, and efforts to combat the loss are extremely costly, highly contentious and risky from an ecological and engineering perspective. They are also politically unpalatable, being a contributing factor to the voter anger already manifest here.