Some time ago I posted on Pokémon Go in Indonesia here, and included my opinion that “I doubt this will be the last we hear of Pokémon Go in Indonesia”.

Well, not for the first time I suspect I was…ummm…errr…ummm…wrong. As the end of the year appraoches the Pokemon Go frenzy so evident in the middle of the year has largely disappeared, both in Indonesia and elsewhere.

A good explanation for what happened to Pokemon Go is here, but that link doesn’t fully capture the collapse in interest. To give you an idea of just how quickly the craze vanished, see below.

The first image shows ALL results for the search term.


The second shows the results over the last 24 hours.


Happy for more capable mathematicians to correct me if necessary, but this suggests if the interest in Pokemon Go was consistent over the period (let’s say 18 months) since the name first emerged on the internet, then the total indicates a drop of over 7500 mentions of Pokemon Go per day (in other words, at best just 0.2% of where you would expect interest in Pokemon Go to be if the trend was stable).

With interest now at just 14 mentions per day, that really was almost the last we heard of Pokemon Go in Indonesia.