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2d626341ee3f4c81a80ba1eca75529ddea5071ceJohore, Malaya. 1942-01-31. Japanese troops take cover behind steam engines at the railway station in the final stages of their advance down the Malayan peninsula. Image credit: The Australian War Memorial, http://cas.awm.gov.au/item/127899

Today I highlight the work of R.AGE (found here), who are, in their own words “..young journalists in Malaysia producing in-depth stories and videos on stuff YOU need to know about.”

Now you know.

Anyway, amongst their work is the series on the last World War II survivors in Malaysia. There is a cover story here, including a video for those who prefer absorbing information that way, and a great collecton of accounts here.

They include some extremely moving and harrowing stories of an era in Southeast Asia that is literally passing beyond any living memory.