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Professor Tim Lidsey from the Uinversity of Melbourne presents a thought provoking take here on the immediate and long term relationship between the two nations from the Australian perspective.

There is little in his assessment that I’d disagree with, particularly the line “…conspiracy theories about foreign intervention and covert proxy wars in Indonesia, do not seem as out of place as they might have a few years ago.”

I could look back on this and explore why these sentiments have gained strength, but a more important question (to me) that is much harder to answer is whether this inclination is approaching its peak or is merely beginning to intensify?

I suspect the answer hinges on how successful Indonesians consider themselves in the months and years ahead and whether this translates into increased confidence in their identity and relative place in the word. I’ve highlighted these terms as they are vague and nearly impossible to measure, save for success possibly aligning with economic growth.

Readers thoughts are, as always, welcome.