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Image courtesy of the US Energy Information Administration here

Apologies once again for the break in posting. I have been, and will be, busy for the foreseeable future, so unfortunately my posts will be abridged for a while.

Although it is a few years old now, the graphic gives you insight into a couple of things.

Yes, it tells you that Chinese investment in hydro-electric power is (or was) increasing in the region.

More importantly however, a subtext to the investment is the growing and deepening ties between these countries and China, locking the region further into the Chinese financial, energy and security orbit at the expense of the Western investors and strategic interests.

And if I had to make a third point, as I like to do, I’d point out that hydroelectric power benefits flow (literally) downhill, illustrating once again how the formation of mountainous terrain can, hundreds of thousands of years later, have significant political consequences.