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There is a terrific story here on fake news in Southeast Asia, and all credit to the author for his very clever and amusing writing style.

I wanted to laugh, but underneath the superficial madness there are real consequences for real people. Ok, the sight of Hun Sen in a singlet is mildly traumatic, but the mirth fades rapidly when it comes to what is, or may be, happening to the west in Myanmar.

As the article here suggests, there are growing questions over how “Aung San Suu Kyi” and “worthy recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize” can still fit in the same sentence. The article here gives some clues as to humanitarian disaster in Myanmar that the world is largely disinterested in. That is, of course, if she can be located to provide answers, a problem detailed in the report here.

Perhaps wisely the article hasn’t even started on Indonesia, where the idea that facts are “what you believe” and that the planet is literally at risk of exploding should gays be given equal rights, are beliefs that remain disconcertingly close to mainstream thought on local social media.

Sigh. No wonder duck noodle soup is so popular in the region.

Apologies for the typos in the initial post. Hopefully these gremlins are now gone.