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Today’s post was to have been a thoughtful and insightful piece on regional urbanisation.

Sadly however I have run out of time, so I will quickly give you some lovely graphics on rice production in Southeast Asia and return to urbanisation on another day.

There can be little doubt that rice is central to the histories and cultures of the people of Southeast Asia, but just how much does the region produce?

Well, thanks to the good folk at the United States Department of Agriculture Economic Research Service and their publication Southeast Asia Projected To Remain Top Rice Exporter located here, the following graphic gives you some idea.


Nevertheless the graph gives little indication how significant the Southeast Asian harvests are as a compoent of the global total. Well, the USDA-ERS has an answer there too.


Super observant readers will note that I retained the tag human rights based on my suspicion that access to rice is a highly potent political concept in many Southeast Asian cultures. I will return to this interesting and important topic in a future post.