I draw your attention to the the reassuring Washington Post headline…

Scientists have identified the 50-foot creature that washed up on an Indonesian beach

…in the link here. My own attention was drawn to the line in the story that read “…which didn’t stop locals from wading in for a closer look and snapping pictures.”

I’ve often wondered, when watching fictional movies where the fearsome aliens/zombies/monsters/sea-creatures arrive in New York city with destructive intentions, how different it would be if they arrived in Jakarta instead.

New Yorkers are not known for being shy, submissive types, but in the movies they invariably flee from the invasive threat in their thousands. As I watch these movies I always imagine the contrast if the threat arrived in Jakarta instead. In that scenario I imagine thousands of Jakartans racing towards the threat, hands thrust high with their camera phones eager to be among the first to upload the images to social media.

Maybe the true reason the aliens/zombies/monsters/sea-creatures always head to New York is that that city presents their best hope for survival. In Jakarta, stuck in traffic, choking on smog and dazzled by the flashes from twenty five million phone cameras, they wouldn’t stand a chance.