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That’s the question I am considering following the release of the latest Australian census information, including in the commentary here.

That commentary suggests that over 25% of Australians were born overseas, with over half that number born in Asia. If Australia’s populatiion is around 22 million, that infers that at least 2.75 million Australians are of Asian descent (being born in Asia), a number likely to swell considerably if it includes those Australians of Asian descent (born here).

A highly conservative estimate is therefore at least 3 million Australians being of Asian descent.

How does this compare with Southeast Asian populations, seen in the middle column below?


Clearly a total of around 3 million Asians puts Australia towards the bottom of the list in population numbers. Nevertheless, based on population numbers alone, the claim that Australia is increasingly part of Asia has increasing validity.

However…another way to consider this 3 million strong cohort is to reflect on their relative economic, social and political power in and on their “home” states.
I will reflect on this argument further and post again soon.