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Sadly this blog rarely visits Myanmar, but that is hardly because all is well in that part of the world. One area that is particularly troubled, and has been for some time, is Rakhine State in the west of the country.

As the recently released World Food Program report (available here) makes clear, food security continues to deteriorate. To quote from the report…

“…the survey confirmed a worsening of the food security situation in already highly vulnerable areas after the October 2016 incidents and subsequent security operations. Nearly one third of the population was severely food-insecure and in need of humanitarian assistance. Only 14 percent of women achieved minimum dietary diversity and none of the children met the minimum adequate diet. Income opportunities were scarce and households could not access sufficient food to cover their needs. About half of the markets were not functioning or were only partially operational, food prices were highly volatile and supply of affordable foods in many markets was scarce”.

With over 80,000 children under 5 years of age expected to suffer acute malnutrition over the next twelve months the unfolding humanitarian disaster shouldn’t be forgotten, but probably will be by those unaffected.