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If I had to limit the content of this blog to just one topic, I would be hard pressed to choose between Indonesia’s volcanoes and historical maps of Southeast Asia. I have written previously about Indonesia’s volcanoes here (and elsewhere from memory), so I thought I would take a moment to share my interest in just one set of the fascinating maps that are out there.

I have always believed that when I had made it professionally and was casually wealthy (the day is still quite a way ahead of me!) I would buy the book I have wanted since I first encountered it in my University Library.

Needless to say most Universities have more money than me, and given there are plenty of functioning motor cars available at a cheaper price than I have seen the book quoted online, I will simply continue to dream of buying it.

The book is the Comprehensive Atlas of the Dutch United East India Company. Volume VII: East Asia, Burma to Japan & Supplement. Volume VII is the last of the series, with the others being;

Volume 1 – Atlas Isaak de Graaf (Atlas Amsterdam)

Volume 2 – Java en Madoera (Java and Madura)

Volume 3 – Indische Archipel en Oceanië (Malay Archipelago and Oceania)

Volume 4 – Ceylon

Volume 5 – Afrika (Africa)

Volume 6 – Voor-Indië, Perzië, Arabisch Schiereiland (India, Persia, Arabian Penninsula)

(Volume 7 – Oost-Azië, Birma tot Japan (East Asia, Burma to Japan & supplement))

For reference purposes see the link here.

Of course I would love Volume II & III and ideally the whole set, but the complete set is getting into the price range that would rival the cost of some houses I have lived in. Such is life.

A pictorial depiction of the cover of Volume VII is here, with the Table of Contents here.

For those interested in the superlative atlas of Indonesian History I point you to the link here, while for those readers simply wanting to browse the maps by appearance there are commercial options such as the one here and free (to view) maps such as the set here.

Some really interesting background reading on the story of these maps is available here.

I hope you find some of the links as compelling as I do.

Disclaimer – I have no connection with or potential benefit from any of the commercial sites to which I link to here, nor do I make any recommendations on purchasing. Links are provided solely for informative reasons.