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What are the leading trade partnerships in Southeast Asia?

I am glad you asked the question, because I spent far longer than I should have (and wanted to!) using extremely primitive Microsoft Office tools seeking to answer the question in two graphs.

In the first image below is each Southeast Asian nation depicted by the largest source of imports. And yes, if it is too small to see clearly, that import source is China in every country except miniscule Brunei and impoverished Laos, the latter being an economic adjunct to Thailand.

As for Southeast Asia’s main export market for each country, the next image below tells that story.

On this export measure Laos is still aligned with Thailand, while Myanmar, Indonesia and Singapore stay with China. In contrast, Malaysia links to Singapore, Cambodia to the EU, Thailand and Vietnam to the United States and both Brunei and the Philippines to Japan.

FYI the sources were some WTO statistics from the last couple of years. Message me if you seek the details.