Chinese New Year 2019


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Happy Chinese New Year for those readers who celebrate the event.

For those outside the region who missed the spectacle, the link here captures the celebrations in beautiful imagery (with most, but not all, pictures from Southeast Asia).


Manila’s jeepneys


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Prefer learning about Southeast Asia through the prism of great pictures? If so, you may be interested in the photo essay on Manila’s jeepneys available here.

The law meets politics in Indonesia’s Presidential Election


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In a great piece here, Tim Lindsey explains well what was really going on in the big story of the week in Indonesian politics.

Those who follow Australian politics can see the broad parallels with Australia’s recent Israeli Embassy dilemma.

The more things change…

Update on Indonesia’s 2019 Presidential Election


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Some thoughts on the election contest from some preeminent Indonesianists here and here.

For those interested in some more Australian-centric comments there’s also the link here.

The summary? The Vice Presidential choices remain intriguing, but Jokowi looks the probable winner and, as a consequence, Indonesia’s evolutionary trajectory looks set to continue uninterrupted for the foreseeable future.


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